WordPress Development

WordPress Web Development services and tools

What is WordPress?
When it comes to building your website, WordPress is by far your #1 choice! WordPress in an open-source, management system platform.  It is free to use and the code is written using a language known as Hypertext Processor (PHP).  WordPress also pairs with the Maria DB and MySQL databases.  WordPress platform allows predesigned templates known as “Themes.”

Why WordPress?
WordPress should be your go-to platform when building a website because it is an open-source free to use platform, customizable, powerful and user friendly, allowing you to manage your site on your own without having to pay a costly developer. Compared to other platforms, WordPress is by far the most cost-efficient and is compatible with every device. If you feel like you need help building your WordPress site, KOSMOS Digital is here to help, be sure to let us know!

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