Whiteboard Explainer Videos

professional whiteboard production

What is a Whiteboard Explainer Video?
A Whiteboard Explainer Video is a style of video that uses hand-drawn animation on a whiteboard. Whiteboard Explainer Videos have become very popular due to their low cost compared to other video styles, and the fast turnaround time to make them.

Why Whiteboard Explainer Video?
A Whiteboard Explainer Video provides the viewer with a clear explanation by presenting a visual drawing on a whiteboard while at the same time explaining the presentation via narration. This allows the viewer to clearly understand what is being presented. Basic 2-minute Whiteboard Explainer Videos generally take a day or two to create depending on the density of each project, and they are inexpensive compared to other video styles. As stated above, videos will help your customers to retain your message and make them 64% more likely to buy your product or service. Our team at KOSMOS Digital Solutions can help you create amazing and professional Whiteboard Explainer Videos so be sure to reach out if you have any more questions!