Spokesperson Videos

Live Spokesperson Video Services

What is a Spokesperson Video?
A Spokesperson Video is a video that uses an actor to describe a product, service, brand, and/or mission. Many businesses use a Spokesperson Video as a way to welcome prospects or clients to their website – thus introducing their business model.

Why Spokesperson Video?
A Spokesperson Video is a more personalized way of introducing your business, products, and/or services. You as the owner of the company can choose to be the actor in the Spokesperson Video or you have an option to hire another actor. At KOSMOS Digital Solutions, we offer services to assist you with your video in two different ways. 1) You can record a Spokesperson Video and send it to us for editing and finalization, or 2) You can have our video experts be the actors and follow a script that you provide them. Need help with the script? Not a problem, we have in-house experts to assist you with that as well, at KOSMOS Digital Solutions we are here to take care of you!