Shopify & E-Commerce

Shopify Ecommerce Online Store

What is Shopify?
Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides you with the necessary User Interface and tools to start, grow, and manage your online eCommerce store. It allows you to creatively customize your store and sell world-wide with ease.  Shopify provides you with the following tools:

  1. Your own personalized website
  2. Mobile phone compatibility
  3. Social media connection and support
  4. Information on other marketplaces, and
  5. Various pop-up shops for you to utilize

You can manage all your inventory in the Shopify platform with ease.  The basic Shopify package starts at $29 a month, but there are several Shopify packages to choose from.

Why Shopify?
Having an eCommerce online store has never been easier thanks to Shopify. Although there is a monthly fee to use the platform, the services provided ensure success with the development and growth of your eCommerce online store.  The Shopify platform is compatible with all devices, the user interface is user friendly and honestly, it’s just fun to use! If you are interested in building a Shopify store and need a hand then be sure to reach out to us, our team at KOSMOS Digital Solutions are happy to help!