Live Explainer Videos

professional live video production

What is a Live Explainer Video?
A Live Explainer video is a short film-like video that includes narration as the actor is performing. It’s a video with actual shot video footage, i.e. not animation or motion graphics, but videos that were captured with an actual video camera. Live Explainer videos can be an introduction to very useful software, for example, the video portrays the actor acting out his day plan while the narrator is narrating, followed by the actor utilizing the software which solves a problem – and the narrator explaining it in detail while introducing the software.

Why Live Explainer Video?
The best way to introduce your business, organization, services, or products is with a Live Explainer Video. A Live Explainer Video provides the viewer with a real-life example while the narrator explains what is being demonstrated and all the benefits. This is the best way to sell yourself. KOSMOS Digital Solution highly recommends a Live Explainer Video for all business owners in order to help introduce your business to the viewers. Be sure to reach out to us here at KOSMOS Digital Solutions if you have any questions about the Live Explainer Video.